Xp11 default c172

The SimCoders. We code all our own flight experience into REP and try to provide you the most amazing experience in X-Plane. The engine is meticulously reproduced. The oil system, the fuel system, the starter, the fuel pump, the electrics, and all other components are simulated one by one, basing on the handbook data.

You can change oil type basing on the current season, check the fuel filter, the cylinders compressions and so on. Every single part is simulated basing on real-world data. Among other systems, you find the landing gear system, the braking system, the electrical system, and the avionics.

Each one is reproduced basing on the pilot operating handbook and on our personal experience. A custom flight dynamics engine is replacing part of the internal X-Plane engine in order to enhance the realism of the simulation. You will experience realistic speeds and fuel consumptions at every power setting.

The correct drag during the landing gear operation is realistically simulated. The aircraft uses the correct distances to takeoff and landing and reaches the correct vertical speed during the climb. Do your ground pre-flight checks using the interactive walk round module. Check the wheel status, the elevators, the aileron, and the rudder. Remove the chocks and the tie- downs. Tow your airplane in and out of the hangar or move it along the airport using the integrated towing system.

A towing bar will help you steer the nose wheel. The software will also teach you how to avoid those failures through many custom messages that may be shown during flight. The changes affect the way the airplane flies. Follow the real Normal Operations Checklists to fly the airplane.

Use the Emergency Checklist when you experience a failure. Plan your flight basing on the real performance tables. The popup kneeboard is easy to use and contains all the information you need to conduct your flight.

An example? After loading your airplane into X-Plane, it will have a warm engine depending on how much time has passed from the last session. If you install HeadShake v1. Using this, you will be able to run the engine at the most comfortable RPMs. You can perform the maintenance of your aircraft using the included maintenance tool also called Hangar View. Change the oil, check the cylinders status, recharge the battery and more. Feel the wind flowing around the fuselage, the landing wheels screech during a hard landing, the brakes squeaking and many more.

The included sounds are recorded onboard a real aircraft.Posted by BourrinopatheFebruary 16, Recommended by RXP. Posted by BourrinopatheJuly 27, I also have the Reality Expansion Pack for the C, but it's not compatible with the latest v As you may know, there was a compatibility mod for the C including two GTN in the cockpit.

I managed to adapt it to XP I heavily tweaked a base model from a payware and created my own textures and effects. The result you can see on the pictures below is a new model with accurate dimensions for the GTN, with custom textures and UV map x including night lighting, a PBR screen surface with reflections and subtle "dirt", but I had to ditch the master selection button from the original mod as I'm not familiar with the animation and logics process for the interactive elements.

The original buttons remain functional knobs, DTO, home. Unfortunately, I can't afford the time to get into that level of details - so I kept the original layout with two GTN units. I modified it a lot, created my own UV map and textures and added a glass for the reflection. I'll link the mod with instructions in that thread if there's a solution.

I wish XP would provide the means to make this kind of addition to the model possible via a 'referenced' file of some sort, that is having a file for the 3D model, and a secondary file for the GTN bezel, both being loaded as 'merged' thanks to a simple config file a user might edit in a text editor.

Mind you, maybe there is already a way to do this I'm not aware of, in which case, I'll be pleased to have a close look at! Unfortunately, and from what I've seen, it's really not designed that way. If you can almost attach a 3D model rather easily in the. And that last step for the RXP GTN bezel and screen, for example is far more tricky and requires much different skills and tools.

What is SmartCopilot?

The ages of the 2D cockpits are now gone and that's what we can easily edit in X-Plane. It would be fantastic if we could tailor our cockpit and instruments with offers from Garmin, Aspen Avionics or other options.

The implementation in the Arrow is nice indeed. What I like is that the GTN model is displayed when you activate the plugin in the options. Probably also achieved with a dataref. That means we should be able to implement it in other aircraft the same way, and just display and use the GTN without having to keep a separate aircraft version. I've read that part and I should have been more specific.

I know manipulator commands are bound to triangles, so when you click them you can trigger a command. I'm suspecting it would require to use AC3D, or a trick I still haven't figured out. So far, it's seems there's no easy way to add a GTN 3D model and interactive buttons in an existing aircraft.

I got all excited when I saw the thread title. Has anyone done his with the FSX default C? There is a lot of available space on the right half of the panel. Here's the difference between the original mod and the current version 3D models :. Ryan Butterworth i7 K 4. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

It's easy!Advanced Search. If this is your first visit, welcome! Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site's best features, including downloading files and posting messages.

Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums. Need help getting started? Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers. This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Mar Posts System tested on: 4. This tutorial is using the C G as a model, but it will improve the scenery and terrain recognition for other aircraft. Note: Save all the files you may be altering before you do any thing.

Start Plane Maker. Typical in acft 10deg with rudder pedals. Can be reduced further if needed.

Cessna 172SP Skyhawk

Increase the friction to reduce the drift in Xwind and increase T. Adjust for tendency to fly Right in straight and level flight. Tested in No wind, at RPM, MSL, and better T. This takes some trial and errors to get it right and you will end up with a Large Null zone message that you can ignore.

For the. File Location: X I left the Alpha untouched. The scenery looked like you see it through a dirty glass. It takes a while to remove that trash.

What I really, really need however is a way to stop the c pulling so strongly to the left as you execute the take-off roll. It becomes almost uncontrollable. AFAIK though, this is not user fixable? Hi Martin and everyone. It is a problem going back to the original XP, as far as I remember, years ago, maybe more?

For better help more info from you is needed since some of the behavior is controller, Settings dependent. Also post in the XPlane.Based on the stories from Ken Myles, a real-life Quatam River Airport pilot we have created a free addon for the default Cessna This mod places you in an old school workhorse C with two retro liveries.

The cockpit is old and worn but has been given a modern touch with the retrofitted Garmin Angle Of Attack indicator. This modern avionics piece allows you to tell exactly how close you are to stalling and allows you to safely fly close to the limits of the aircraft.

Perfect for short field landings where landing slow and precise is the difference between a safe landing and ending up in the trees. This C as also been fitted with large inch Tundra Tires allowing for soft field and off-airport landings. You can also swap out the standard Tricycle gear for the conventional taildragger configuration. In the cabin, the backseats have been swapped out for cargo space which is dynamically added based on the payload added in the X-Plane settings.

A belly cargo pod is also added with the weight so you can carry all your bush flying supplies. They have released an update which recognizes our custom files and adds your regular REP features for the most realistic C flying experience, now with a bush flying configuration.

Close menu. Close cart. In cockpit, Garmin Angle Of Attack indicator for improved Short landings and safe low-speed manoeuvring. Custom Tundra tyres with better shock absorbing. Tricycle and taildragger version. Dynamic cargo system.

xp11 default c172

The plane has removed backseat to allow for cargo storage in the cabin. As you increase the payload in X-Plane you will see cargo build up in the back. Belly cargo pod automatically added when the payload is higher. Custom textures for interior and exterior giving a workhorse like look. Nothing is clean or new, everything looks used and old.

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Share Share on Facebook.Virtual reality - basic beta vr support introduced tested in x-plane Controllers - joystick axis assignments - supporting wider range of devices.

Engine oil consumption - closer to reality. Hello Guest, Login. Quantity Add to Cart. More Cessna s have been built than any other aircraft.

xp11 default c172

Measured by its longevity and popularity, the Cessna is the most successful aircraft in history. Cessna delivered the first production models in As ofCessna, and its partners, had built more than 43, Play with all the aspects of this aircraft with our unprecedented interactive features and realism. Have a good flight!

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Very accurate Flight Model. High resolution 4K textures Easy to read, high-resolution panel All switches, buttons and knobs animated Volumetric side view prop effect Realistic 3D night lights effects. Enjoy the realistic experience and don't forget to check updates as we are continually developing new features for our More pictures here - even more pictures.

Version 1.

xp11 default c172

Flight model - complete rebuild of all model including airfoils for X-Plane Recently Viewed Items.This is the best way how to test the connection and aircraft config files without purchasing the plugin. Please, try the plugin with friends and if happy buy it. It creates an illusion of crew flight where both pilots can manipulate aircraft controls.

Master-Slave — aircraft position is calculated only by Master computer. Slave just copies it. Configuration — every X-Plane aircraft has a different logic and systems inside. So rather we created API where the author or an experienced user can configure SmartCopilot to work with his preferred aircraft.

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On this site, you can find all information how to write your own configuration files. If this is not your case plugin probably will not work or will be unstable. The plugin requires specific configuration file for every aircraft. Instead we provide a documentation how to create a configuration file here. You can check available files and post your own here. Sometimes it is even technically not possible, sometimes the files get outdated.

Please try the file first in DEMO mode and check which functions are important to you. If X-Plane performance is already low it might be lower with SmartCopilot. But the authors can reach us and together we can think about it. All serialization possibilities are already implemented by us. We still need to find what dataref governs them.

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Also, we have a big hope that aircraft developers will join us and design aircrafts in a more uniform way. You need to use Skype, Team Speak etc. X-Plane 11 Windows, Mac and Linux support. Main cockpit controls governed by a Request — Release logic. Get more information about SmartCopilot plugin. Information how to install and setup SmartCopilot plugin. Information how to create configuration file for SmartCopilot plugin. Download SmartCopilot plugin and config files.

Try SmartCopilot for free. What is SmartCopilot? List of available configuration files. What is SmartCopilot not? Check how to setup SmartCopilot plugin. Developer documentation how to create your own configuration file. Get and upload configuration files.Hello Guest, Login.

Quantity Add to Cart. They will come via the SkunkCrafts Updater plugin. Fully compatible with FSEconomy systems. More pictures here. Q8 Pilot. Version 4. Fix: the kneeboard and maintenance windows did not save their position properly, therefore they were not shown correctly after being popped out.

Soon fully compatible with FSEconomy systems. It is now possible to move the viewpoint while in walkaround or towing mode. VR is not supported yet.

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See the Towing and Walkaround sections for more information. New: It is now possible to load a worn out airplane. New: The cockpit instrumentation wears out with time and can be fixed using the Maintenance Report New: Hobbs Time and Tach Timeare now counted separately for the airframe and the engines New: It is now possible to move the viewpoint while in walkaround or towing mode.

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VR not supported yet. The static elements, such chocks and tie-downs, are now managed during replay The propeller governor dynamics at low RPMs are much improved Improved starter algorithm Fix: Corrected a typo in the checklists Fix: the radios did not correctly save the stored frequencies Fix: under certain conditions, the fuel pump sounds where not stopped with the pump itself Fix: a bug prevented the cylinders to fail properly and to report their compressions in the Maintenance Report Fix: the hypoxia message was shown when the hypoxia was disabled Fix: the oil filter get less clogged when it's past TBO Fix: the autostart broke if the weight and balance configuration was changed while it was running Fix: The Maintenance Report and the Kneeboard were not dimmed correctly at night.

Recently Viewed Items.

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